Meet Boo

BOO company mascot Age: 5 years Sex: Male Weight: 42 Kg Breed: Shepoodle ABOUT OUR PERSONALITY Boo is the official spokesdog and mascot for Foam Home & The Bean Bag Factory. He was selected from a range of candidates due to his winning smile and in-trend hairstyling. HEALTH & GROOMING Comfort is one of Boo’s criteria for maintaining his […]

Change to trading days

Temporary Change Please note that we won’t be trading on Mondays for the winter time. Our trading hours on Tuesday to Friday will remain the same. Tuesday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

When you need custom-made seating cushions

example of custome made cushions

YOUR FURNITURE CAN HAVE A SECOND LEASE OF LIFE! You may have found yourself looking at your once-favourite indoor or outdoor seating and thought “I loved that furniture”. Unfortunately, impermanence is a fact of life and those cushions may have become thread-bare from the pets, stained with food or drink, or just faded from UV […]