Meet Boo

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boo the mascot shepoodle from Foam Home & The Bean Bag Factory


Company Mascot

contact boo the foam home mascot dog

Personal Data

Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 42 Kg
Breed: Shepoodle

About Me

Boo is the official spokesdog and mascot for Foam Home & The Bean Bag Factory. He was selected from a range of candidates due to his winning smile and in-trend hairstyling.

Health & Grooming

Comfort is one of Boo’s criteria for maintaining his carefree looks. Choosing a good foam base for lying on helps keep him relaxed for his gruelling publicity schedule.

He prefers to keep his preference for shampoo, conditioner and body wash a secret for now. However, he has indicated that he is open to discussing payments for endorsement.

About the Owner

Boo’s person is a director of Foam Home.

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